InterTest Inc., established in 1981, specializes in NDT Equipment (Ultrasonic and Eddy Current) and Remote Vision Inspection (RVI) Systems to monitor and observe automated robotic and orbital welding machines. Standard and custom Video Systems are available for monitoring TIG, and many MIG, PAW and Laser welding applications. Our most popular product is the Weld-i 1000, an innovative video based vision system that provides high-resolution color CCTV observation of weld processes. The Weld-i head is a compact water (or air) cooled housing that protects the camera and optics from the harsh local environment associated with welding. Interchangeable UV filters and polarizer compensate for a wide range of process lighting conditions. A color CCD micro camera with remote controlled focus and iris allow the operator a full and detailed view of the torch, weld joint, puddle and feed wire. High heat, hazardous UV, spatter, and fumes are kept at a safe distance. An operator can concentrate his attention on making good weld with real time feedback of the process. Often two units are positioned to observe both leading and trailing views of the weld. The Weld-i Series of Video Monitoring Systems are available on our website and will be available for demonstration at the FabTech AWS Show, InterTest Booth 7767.