Features a patented opto-magnetic detection system that is the most fail-safe welding arc recognizing system in the world. The auto-darkening filter will remain active until the arc extinguishes allowing for low amerage & stable welding.
Manufacturer/distributor of all types of resistance welding electrodes. Includes spot weld tips, projection welding electrodes and dies, seam weld wheels, custom tooling, bent shanks, gun welder arms and the very best nut welding heads on the planet.


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Contact: Larry Robinson
1050 Penner Crest
UNIBRAZE IS THE SOURCE FOR ALL YOUR WELDING PRODUCTS.Unibraze is a global supplier of welding alloys and supplies. Since 1986, Unibraze has provided distributors with quality welding products, produced by the industry's leading manufacturers, at competitive prices. Unibraze stocks the widest range of products in the industry, often shipped the same day, from our multiple warehouse locations in Houston TX, Kent WA & Villa Park IL. Unibraze offers distributors the convenience of purchasing multiple products and brands from a single supplier, without manufacturer minimums, ultimately reducing distributor inventory and freight costs.Our in stock inventory includes: Welding alloys from Aluminum to Zirconium: TIG, MIG, Electrodes, Flux Cored, Metal Cored Welding FluxesWelding Rod & Flux OvensAnti-Spatter Compounds , Gas Leak Detection Chemicals, Penetrant and DeveloperArc Welding Supplies including Welding Cable, Electrode Holders, Cable Clamps and Lugs Grinding Wheels & Discs Miscellaneous Gas Apparatus: Regulators, Valves, Flowmeters, etc. Welding Tools and Accessories: Carts, TempilStiks, Clamps, Brushes, Rap-Arounds, etc. Safety Equipment including Welding Apparel, Gloves, Helmets, Lens and GogglesHard to find and specialty items. Contact our experienced sales staff at 1-800-364-6900 or via email at .



Terry Chapman 877-230-7708

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