The Ocean Corporation located in Houston, Texas offers commercial diver training, underwater welding, ROV's and NDT weld inspector training.
Broco, Inc.® is the world leader in exothermic cutting and underwater welding systems. Rankin Industries™ designs, formulates and manufactures build-up and hardfacing products and offers a range of specialty alloys including dental, hard surfacing an


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Thermion® is the manufacturer of Twin Wire Arc Spray Equipment used in applying Thermal sprayed coatings. Sometimes referred to as Thermal spray, arc spray, flame spray, spray welding, metalizing, twin wire arc spray, TSA or even TSZ; in essence, we can spray all metals in wire form that are conductive.Click here to view a demo.

Thermion® Metalizing systems are used worldwide to apply long life, cost effective coatings used for anti-corrosion, anti-wear, anti-abrasion, repair, remanufacturing and non-skid to name a few. Our founder, Frank Rogers, who is still active in Thermion®, invented the first Thermion® spray system back in the 1980s. Then, Thermion® metalizers featured the patented "Arc Shorting Control" feature. Thermion® has since introduced its latest invention, "Arc Voltage Drive". Coupling the two technologies has allowed Thermion® to become recognized as the most reliable high production metalizing systems in the world.

With a focus to supply the coatings industry with the most productive and reliable equipment used in metalizing, Thermion® is your direct source for High Production metalizing systems, materials and other accessories used in arc spray or metalizing.
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