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Use reliable non destructive and destructive testing methods to increase customer
satisfaction and lower manufacturing costs.

Whether you are in the automotive, aviation, construction, power plants, manufacturing, railways, military or naval industry, ABC Testing Inc. can perform non destructive testing (NDT) as well as destructive testing to determine the reliability and operational readiness of materials you are using. Visual inspections are used in conjunction with all NDT methods. We also have Certified Welding Inspectors (CWI) doing welding inspections for steel, aluminum, specialized metals like Inconel, Monel and NiAlBrz, and many other alloys.

Contact ABC Testing for non destructive testing methods (NDT) like

Ultrasonic high frequency waves detect thickness, cracks, laminations, shrinkage cavities, gas holes, slag inclusions, incomplete fusion, incomplete penetration and lack of bond in a wide variety of materials.

Radiographic x-ray materials for hidden flaws to insure part reliability.

Magnetic Particle testing of ferromagnetic materials for surface and sub-surface flaws.

Liquid Penetrant testing by dipping, spraying or brushing penetrant on non-magnetic, non-porous materials to locate surface-breaking defects.

Eddy Current induction to detect defects, sort material, test thickness and conductivity on a wide variety of materials including chilled water units, turbine condensors and in weld inspection.

Leak Testing to locate leaks in tank bottoms or other types of vessels especially in the construction and ship building industry.

Positive Material Identification using x-ray florescence to accurately determine chemical properties of various materials.

Hydrostatic testing for leaks, proof and burst pressure in pressure vessels.

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) for concrete structures and pavements to locate buried structures like rebar, post tension cables, conduits, utility and active electrical lines.

Ask us about our Mechanical/Destructive testing methods.