Zibo Da Ya Metals Group Co., Ltd. is a research and development, production, processing, marketing, international trade in one large group, comprising major Asian Metal Technology Co., Ltd. Zibo, Zibo Welding Materials Co., Ltd. and Zibo Da Ya Ya Xiang Electrical Technology Co., Ltd., the leading products are metal abrasives, welding materials, marine accessories.

One major sub-Metal Technology Co., Ltd. Zibo leading products are Abrasive, Grit, cut pills, stainless steel balls, metal abrasives, which has become Asia's largest, ranking fifth of metal abrasive manufacturers. Products are widely used in automobile, shipbuilding, steel, machinery, steel and other sectors. Sold more than 300 domestic customers and export of North America, Europe, Japan and South Korea and other 30 countries and regions, to high-quality products and service won the trust of their clients.