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Osborn has been a leader in mechanical surface treatment products for over 130 years. Through our company history, we’ve experienced world wars, economic downturns, and fierce competition, but we continued to expand into new markets and innovate in our category. The secret to our success? We’ve never lost focus on what’s most important—our customers.
When you choose Osborn, you’re choosing the industry leader in mechanical surface treatment products. Together, we’ll collaborate to achieve optimum results, matching tough finishing problems with the right solutions when and where you need them most.

Product Showcase

Tuf innovation for your toughest tasks.

Tuf innovation for your toughest tasks.

Only Osborn TufBrush™ can promise up to 3x the aggression for 60% more material removal.
• 2X longer life (industry leading)
• Up to 60% more material removal
• Consistency throughout the life of the brush
• Longer brush life or superior material removal? Now you don’t have to choose.
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