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Stress Relieving


Stress Relief Engineering Co. is the world leader in vibratory stress relief technology. The process, first commercially introduced in the U.S. by SRE in 1962 after four years of X-Ray Diffraction studies, is used worldwide throughout the manufacturing and fabricating community. Our customer base is extensive, representing all facets of metalworking. Formula 62 vibratory stress relief equipment is in use worldwide and found in over 74 foreign countries outside of the U.S.

The Formula 62 method uses low frequency vibrations to reduce peak residual stresses and restore equilibrium to the atomic structure with results comparable to costly thermal stress relief. Reducing residual stress eliminates dimensional instabilty and increases yield strength without reducing fatigue life.

Save Time - Save Money - Reduce Handling Costs

Stress Relieve In-House
Control Dimensional Stability
Maintain Tolerances