G.E. Schmidt, founded in 1960, is a leading manufacturer and distributor of resistance welding products, serving manufacturers including Tier 1 and Tier 2 automotive companies throughout the Americas. In 2010, G.E. Schmidt acquired British company R&W Cushways and formed Cushway-Schmidt Ltd. to provide full-service solutions for the European resistance welding market.

G.E. Schmidt manufactures and distributes systems and components for various resistance welding applications, including spot welding, seam welding, projection welding, welding consumables, tip dressing and quality control systems to help our clients increase efficiency and eliminate mistakes.

We are a recognized distributor for key industry suppliers such as SEKI, Kyokutoh, CMW and ARO, and have become the leader in quality assurance implementation for new and existing equipment. GES offers complete resistance welding systems, including tip dressers, nut feeders and electrodes, as well as its own ProLine pedestal welders, Nut Verification System, Swing Arm and Push-Out Test Stand.

The company’s headquarters, located in Cincinnati, Ohio, includes a training room and welding laboratory. We offer general and customized sessions to teach the fine points of resistance welding. G.E. Schmidt also provides process development services to help companies improve existing applications, or to determine the feasability and requirements for new ones.

Select Products:

ProLine Nut Verification System (NVS) — The Nut Verification System provides in-line quality control for projection welding applications. It interfaces with weld controls to avoid welding missing, upside-down or incorrect nuts, and cold welds.

SEKI Feeders — The SEKI Air Rod Feeder, Feedermate and Bolt Feeder use patented vibration-free Selector Unit technology for precise and accurate placement. The SEKI Feeders allow greater flexibility than the competition within the weld cell set-up.

Tip Dressers and Changers — G.E. Schmidt distributes Kyokutoh auto tip dressers and changers in a variety of styles, including standard electric to servo-driven and pneumatic. Kyokutoh’s auto tip changers reduce tip-change cycle time from 5–10 minutes (manual) to 40 seconds.

ProLine Pedestal Welders — ProLine Pedestal Welders are available in multiple sizes and throat-depths to meet the needs of various applications. G.E. Schmidt uses RoMan transformers and weld controls from WTC, BF Entron, Unitrol and others.

Best Pin and Doceram Weld Pins — The Best Pin is recognized as the industry standard in ceramic-coated weld pins, with longer life than stainless steel pins and KCF, while remaining cost-effective in custom sizes vs. full-ceramic pins. Doceram’s ceramic weld pins have superior abrasion resistance and the longer life than other weld pin materials.

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