Matuschek designs, manufactures and distributes Mid-frequency D.C. and High-frequency D.C. Resistance Welding Controllers, High-frequency D.C Capacitor Discharge Welding Controller, PC Programming & Analysis Software, Servo Driven Weld Gun Equalizer, Precision Weld Heads, Hand-Held Process Analyzers and Graphical Operating Devices for the Aluminum, Sheet Metal, and Micro-Welding industries. Matuschek controllers offer Real-Time MasterĀ® Adaptive Control, QC Software solutions, Tolerance Band Control and Fault Alert capabilities.

Product Showcase

SPATZ+ M400 / M600 / M900 Medium Frequency Inverter Power Source

SPATZ+ M400 / M600 / M900 Medium Frequency Inverter Power Source

The 1,000 Hz Medium Frequency Inverter Power Source SPATZ+ is specially designed for applications in the automotive industry. This weld timer provides extended data recording and online monitoring possibilities and an USB interface.

Extension cards with different field buses (e.g. Profibus-DP, DEVICENET, PROFINET or ETHERNET IP with RJ45 connector) are available for connections to a robot controller or a line PLC.

The controller has a modular setup and can be configured for different purposes. It can be upgraded with e.g. servodrive extension cards for operations of servo-electric welding guns. All changes in the new generation are related to the circuit board only. The established power section and the successful adaptive MASTER control remain unchanged.
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