Utilizing over 50 years of experience, T. J. Snow Company is recognized as a full-service leader in the resistance welding industry. We are a family owned and operated company ready to meet all your Resistance Welding requirements, including machinery, supplies, service and training.
We offer a variety of standard resistance welders, new, used and remanufactured. Our inventory includes standard Single Phase and Three Phase Resistance Welders, such as Press Type Projection & Spot welders, Rocker Arm Type Spot Welders, Bench Type Projection & Spot Welders, Seam Welders and Flash/Butt Welders. Also, we can supply customized Multi-Gun Resistance Welders built to your specifications.
In addition, we offer one of the most diversified inventories of resistance welding controls, electrodes &consumables, cables & shunts, transformers and industrial chillers in the world, as well as an extensive used resistance welding equipment inventory.
We stock components manufactured by all major manufacturers of supplies and accessories, such as Tuffaloy, CMW, Luvata, Tipaloy, RoMan, Watteredge, Entron, WTC, WeldComputer, Medar, Technitron, Unitrol, TECNA, Koolant Koolers, MTA, ARO, Lutz and Electrode Dresser.
Our Service Department Techs can travel on short notice to customers’ plants for repairs, consulting and training. We specialize in process development and spot welder inspection and certification.
Whether you need an obscure replacement part or a complete production line, you’ll receive the same degree of attention and assistance. Your success with the resistance welding process is vital to us.