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... and since 1999 FastCut CNC has always strived to take advantage of the latest in plasma cutting hardware and software. New linear drive systems, nesting software packages, plasma cutters and more are always being reviewed and tested to see if they will add any improvements to the cutting tables as well as bring better value to customers.

Evolving from a decade old stepper-based machine with a manual height control, the new G6 Fabricator is a testament to the dedication FastCut CNC has to always creating the best possible machine for the entry-level industrial market. Servo motors, automatic torch height control and a touch screen interface are just a few of the features you will find on the G6 Fabricator that will produce the same cuts, at the same speeds, at the same level of quality as machines costing over $70,000.

Dollar for dollar a FastCut CNC plasma cutter outperforms all other CNC plasma machines
When it comes to CNC plasma cutters there are a lot of options. FastCut CNC has been manufacturing top quality CNC machines for over a decade. Our systems produce the same cuts, speeds, and quality as machines five times the price; on average FastCut CNC machines are 25% less expensive than our competitors' offerings.

Exceptional Customer Service

Our plasma cutting tables were designed with you in mind. They're affordable, easy to use and accurate. But we didn't stop there. We stand by our CNC machines with unparalleled customer support and a lifetime guarantee on the drive system.


Our G7 Fabricator table has paid for itself quickly, it�s a pleasure to use, our clients are happy with the product and our staff enjoy working with such a well-designed innovative machine. We are also very pleased with the prompt and friendly customer support that FastCut CNC has provided us.


I purchased a G7 fabricator table a couple years ago and still take advantage of fastcut's customer service on a regular basis. whether trouble shooting some operator error or getting some cutting suggestions, the staff are friendly and know their product!