Pull-X Machines *THE BIG MUSCLE for Production, to get the jobs done!

Pull-X Machines *THE BIG MUSCLE for Production, to get the jobs done! from Pull-X Machines

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WELD PREP Requirements for High Quality Welded Joints:
„h Dimensional accuracy-the bevel is uniform along the full length of the edge, especially important in automatic welding where the volume of the weld is constant
„h Freedom from deformation to keep the joint gap width constant- No buckling or bending
„h Cleanliness of the work edges- ours is a COLD process without heat so the surface is clean
„h Freedom from chemical action-no chemicals are involved so stainless and aluminum can also be used.
„h Our X-97 Model Beveling Machines produce a result which meets all these basic requirements and it stands up to large production runs.
The X-97 machine requires little physical effort from the operator, it is very easy to set-up and operate and requires only basic operator training and of course, reliable and accurate beveling eliminates scrap. All this adds up to good welding economics, making you profitable!
Our X-97 model beveller is the BIG MUSCLE MACHINE that stands up to heavy-duty long term operation, gets the beveling job done and keeps your production going¡K


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